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Get the security, mobility, reliability, and ease of use you need to digitally transform your business, with the Techsign DOC Document Signing Platform .

Techsign DOC Document Signing Platform Dashboard

Create, Send, Store, and Sign Documents.

Control your documents from a single point. Techsign DOC provides verifiable and legally binding esignatures to help you easily navigate from paper to digital.

Signer's Identity Verification

The e-signature types offered on the platform provide the necessary infrastructure for authentication. Sign without fraud risk and secure all parties.

Signing Without Membership

Sign with all parties. Send the document to the person you want. Recipients do not need to be a platform user or download apps to sign the document.

Additional Security Layers

Verify your signer ID. Add a password to the document; request additional documents or send an SMS OTP password to the recipient's phone.

Instant Status Tracking

Follow the instant signing status of the documents in the circulation. Send notifications to late signers. Close your deals quickly.

Team Authorization

Manage your contracts with your team and dealers. Create templates and speed up document processes. Track the circulating documents.

Flexible Document Storage

Using our API services, you can store documents wherever you want while using all the features of the platform. Click here for API documentation.

On Demand Forensic Software

You can request Techsign forensic software to verify the digitally signed signature. Recommended for safety accuracy. Click here for details.

Signing With All Devices

Sign with your personal devices. You can sign documents using your desktop, tablet and mobile devices; get signatures from any party without limitation.

Electronic Signature Of Your Choise For Legal Compliance.

Choose the electronic signing method that complies with your legal regulations. The platform includes all of the esignatures categorized as simple, advanced and certified according to eiDAS.

Biometric Signature

Captures information (pressure, acceleration etc.) during the signing process. The captured evidence is encrypted, stored securely, embedded in the document that has been signed and used for signer's identity verification.

Certified Signature

Issued to individuals who have been authenticated by a authorized certificate provider. Anyone with a certificate can sign on the platform by using any certificate provided and their signing desktop applications. For situations requiring high security.

Sign With ID Card

The document is signed with the certificate installed on the chip ID card. Card reader is required. It provides high security as it is realized with official ID cards. Contact us to find out the current identity cards supported by the platform.

Draw & Click To Sign

These signing methods allow you to sign in any environement (web, tablet and mobile) since they only take the image of the signature. Identity authentication is not available. Not recommended for documents which requires high confidentiality.

Techsign DOC document workflows and current status

Accelerate Contract Cycles. Interact With Your Customers Faster, Better.

  • Sign Paperless. Save time, effort, paper, storage and logistics.
  • Design sustainable and eco-friendly business cycles.
  • Improve digital service capability.
  • Take consent remotely and securely.
  • Verify digital signatures in case of fraud.
  • Give data driven decisions to improve your business.
  • Use one product for many departments and use cases.
  • Easily integrate features on cloud, on API or on premise.
  • Easily control document workflows and post signature cases.
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Everything You Need to Sign A Document. And More.

The Techsign DOC document signing platform provides all the tools you need to sign your papers without printing; digitizes your business; provides an effective and efficient contract management.

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Most Comprehensive Document Signing API Service

Use Techsign DOC API services to easily sign documents in any software. Integrate easily; Access all the signing methods you need from one API. Sign documents in your preferred environment, save your time and valuable resources on your core competencies.

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Clean Documentation

All the functions you need are in well documented DOC API services. Quick start guide, code snippets, example responses and more.

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Document Storage Of Your Choise

Store the documents signed in anywhere you prefer for compliance. Contact our team for technical support and questions.