Speed Up Signature & Data Collection From Your Clients

Finance Industry Solutions

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Instantly Access Customers & Take Consents Remotely

Reach More Customers & Provide More Services Online With More Security.

Reach out customers online and get the documents signed for account opening, lending approval, bank transactions, wealth management and more financial services. Get approvals quickly and without cost; store documents wherever you want. Be compatible with standards and regulations with fraud-proof verifiable electronic signature methods.

Get the permissions you need remotely and in peace, and improve your customers' experience. Offer more services online.

Stay Compliant & Secure

Easily fill out and sign documents while ensuring compliance at every stage.

Reduce Hassles & Errors

Revise and reshare instantly. Don't delay closing on a deal because of human error.

Delight Clients & Partners

Upgrade document signing experience by letting everyone to sign anywhere.

Business On-The-Go

Don't be tied to the office. Sign or get document signed while on-the-go.

Be where the customer is 24/7. Move Your Services To Digital.

Use Techsign DOC to reach your customers at any time and get the necessary permissions to access services. Get your documents signed safely with verifiable electronic signatures and offer your customers a great experience.

  • Remote & In-Person Signature Collection
  • Manage Complex eSignature Workflows
  • Seamlessly Collaborate Inside Your Department
  • Avoid Retyping the Same Information Over and Over
  • Store Documents Anywhere You Want
  • Verify Signer's Identity
  • Easily Integrate To Any Software
Accelerate Lending Cycles

Techsign DOC allows financial institutions to get loan documents finished faster by becoming capable of decreasing their lending cycle time from on average one week to less than a day,

Streamline Customer On-boarding

Streamline customer onboarding process with Techsign DOC. Sign the required documents and stay compliant while allowing new customers to become customers without coming to branches.

Support In-Branch Signing

Many branch procedures require signatures. Use Techsign DOC in person signing option to upgrade customer experience; digitize your branches and serve more customers.

  • Loan Application
  • New Account Openings
  • Repackaging & Securitization
  • Account Changes
  • Disclosures
  • Credit Reports
  • Overdraft Notifications
  • Wire Transfers
  • Financial Statements
  • Stop Payment Requests
  • Invoice Processing
  • Expense reporting
  • Audit Sign-off
  • Asset transfer/Retirement
  • IT Asset Tracking

Where Else Do you Need To Sign Documents?

Legally Binding & Court Admissable Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures have been equated to the wet signature by the laws of many countries. It can be used safely in many different document flows.

The Techsign DOC platform offers many types of electronic signatures. You can sign documents in a fast, effective and affordable way by choosing the ones that comply with the legislation from e-signatures in different classes.

How legal are electronic signatures