Mobile Contracts & Securely Take Remote Consents

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Instantly Access Any Party. Save Time & Effort.

Accelerate Contract Preparation, Management and Signing Processes.

Techsign DOC document signing platform helps you move contract processes to digital. By creating a contract with your personal devices, you can instantly request signatures from many remote parties. Start right away by choosing the signature type suitable for regulation from the many electronic signature types we offer on the platform.

Reduce the two-week contract signing processes to minutes. Leave tiring processes behind, such as cargo, paper storage, and time-consuming repetition due to human errors.

Stay Compliant & Secure

Easily fill out and sign documents while ensuring compliance at every stage.

Reduce Hassles & Errors

Revise and reshare instantly. Don't delay closing on a deal because of human error.

Delight Clients & Partners

Upgrade document signing experience by letting everyone to sign anywhere.

Business On-The-Go

Don't be tied to the office. Sign or get document signed while on-the-go.

Automate Paper Processes & Focus On Your Core Business.

Use Techsign DOC Document Signing Platform to impress customers by accelerating agreement turnaround time. Reduce costs. Ensure security and privacy.

  • Invite Clients to Sign a Legal Form in Seconds
  • Get Documents eSigned even On-the-go
  • Keep Confidential Data Protected
  • Automate Document Cycles By Creating Templates
  • Seamlessly Collaborate on Documents
  • Follow Instant Status Of Circulating Documents
One Tool For Many Purposes

Techsign DOC helps streamline contract processes between legal firms, their customers and partners. It offers many tools to easily create, share & sign documents with legally binding electronic signatures.

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Real property
  • Disclosures
  • Financings
  • Closings
  • Form Fillings
  • NDAs
  • Notices
  • Settlements
  • Medical releases
  • Incident descriptions
  • Pleadings
  • Depositions
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Policy management
  • Audit and inventory signoffs
  • Purchase orders
  • Statements of work
  • Master service agreements
  • Supplier compliance
"When it comes to law, document signing comes to mind. Our platform offers great opportunities for speeding up paper business and transferring it to digital, which occupies the most legal companies. We offer the freedom to reach its customers anytime, anywhere. We support teammates to collaborate on documents and improve process management with instant document tracking."
- Abdullah Kip / CEO

Legally Binding & Court Admissable Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures have been equated to the wet signature by the laws of many countries. It can be used safely in many different document flows.

The Techsign DOC platform offers many types of electronic signatures. You can sign documents in a fast, effective and affordable way by choosing the ones that comply with the legislation from e-signatures in different classes.

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