Speed Up Signature & Data Collection From Your Patients

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doctor is using his smartphone to manage patient consents and electronically sign documents
Interact With Your Patients Anywhere, Anytime.

Accelerate Document Signing Processes and Focus on the Work That Matters.

Complete all processes that require documents, permits and signatures in seconds. Level up in hospital and patient management by completing paper processes quickly and effectively with the Techsign DOC Document Signing platform.

Create templates to automate paperwork; collect signatures by instantly sharing documents with any number of patients and store consents securely in the cloud.

Stay Compliant & Secure

Easily fill out and sign documents while ensuring compliance at every stage.

Reduce Hassles & Errors

Revise and reshare instantly. Don't delay closing on a deal because of human error.

Delight Patients & Partners

Upgrade document signing experience by letting everyone to sign anywhere.

Business On-The-Go

Move freely and stay active. Sign or get document signed while on-the-go.

Be where the customer is 24/7. Move Your Services To Digital.

Use the Techsign DOC Document Signing Platform to migrate patient forms to digital and improve your patients' experience. Use the Techsign DOC Document Signing Platform to migrate patient forms to digital and improve your patients' experience. Complete paper processes quickly and safely. Easily coordinate between patients and colleagues.

  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Improve HIPAA compliance
  • Increase productivity & Simplify Care Coordination
  • Remote & In-Person Signature Collection
  • Get Patient Intake Forms Signed Faster
  • Seamlessly Collaborate With Doctors
  • Make Medical Forms Professional-Looking
  • Keep Medical Records Organized
One Tool For Many Purposes

Techsign DOC enables healthcare providers to streamline their document processes, spend less time with paperwork and upgrade their customer experience. Collect signatures and consents remotely and in-person, increase convenience and stay compliant.

  • HIPAA forms
  • Provider Contracting
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Medicare/Medicaid forms
  • Agent/broker onboarding
  • Form Fillings
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Audit And Compliance
  • Medical records updates
  • Privacy Policy

Where Else Do you Need To Sign Documents?

How Dentspa Dentist Clinic Upgraded Customer Experience With DOC

Dentspa, one of the most popular private dental clinics in Istanbul, has improved the customer experience by moving patient forms to digital. They aim to increase their service quality while reducing paper use by collecting signatures & consents with the tablets in the office.

Techsign DOC strengthened coordination among Dentspa employees, while gaining the ability to store patients' records in a safer and more organized way. The clinic has achieved efficient and effective document management by speeding up the signing processes in the flows between doctors, patients and healthcare providers.

Dentspa dentist clinic is using Techsign DOC